Back on my Bullsh*t

Hey, it’s yo girl, Macaroni and Mom Jeans, back from 2 billion days in lockdown and a hiatus that started out as temporary, nearly became permanent, but ultimately led to a long overdue rebranding strategy.

*influencer voice* Since soooo many of you have asked me where I have been, and why I deactivated my account, I decided to write this blog post for you with the details. *giggle and hair flip*

Real talk: literally no one has asked me where I disappeared to, but since no one is asking about my skincare routine (which is literally just Botox and prayers) this is the unsolicited knowledge I’m choosing to drop on you today.

Nobody: Why did you deactivate your account?


While I’d love to tell you that I won the lottery, moved to Fiji and have been selling friendship bracelets on the beach with my new beau Enrique, the explanation is unfortunately not as enticing.

No, I didn’t have a menty b, which I hear is the hip new term for mental breakdown. While 700 million days in lockdown was god awful and mentally draining for all of us, I just decided I needed a break to focus on the well-being of myself and my kids, and to avoid the overwhelmingness (that’s totally a word) of the interwebs during these controversial/political times.

While most of you know me as an introverted sarcastic bish who is occasionally funny, I’ve recently discovered I’m also a highly sensitive empath with one of the rarest personality types -INFJ. Which basically means I get overwhelmed by too much stimuli, need to deactivate to recharge, feel all the things, avoid things that are overwhelming and disappear occasionally. I’m not an asshole, I’m an empath. And sometimes a little weird, but mostly in a good way.

Although I sometimes feel the need to deactivate from social media, I’m still very present in my real life. I’m over here having karaoke parties in my living room, going to beaches, having bonfires, entertaining my kids, spending time with friends, doing the electric slide in public places, not cutting my own bangs, shit like that.

I also decided to return to school in March to be productive during the seemingly neverending lockdowns in Ontario, so I’ve been focusing on that. New diploma, who dis? (Side note are we still using the ‘who dis’ tagline since my hiatus?)

During my hiatus, I was trying to decide what to do with my page, determining if it was still sparking joy for me, and what purpose it has served myself or anyone else, outside of memes.

I want to connect with you guys (my audience) more, do something worthwhile with my so-called platform, raise awareness about matters that are important to me, etc, but while I’m grateful for every single one of my followers, I’m terrified of putting myself out there beyond writing and memes. It’s like being on stage and feeling incredibly vulnerable, and I have the absolute WORST stage fright. (Don’t even get me started about my great stand up comedy fail of 2013.)

I also feel this overwhelming need (read: anxiety) to stay safe and stay neutral, and thus I just shit post and create memes and hope we can laugh together. I guess that serves enough of a purpose?

Anyways, I’m still working on that, because I’d love to create videos, put my face on social media and entertain and relate to all you mofos on so many levels. But as much as I love to entertain, I don’t like to be seen, if that makes any sense.

But in the meantime, I gave my page a new name, No Filter Blonde, because long story short, I’ve actually always hated Macaroniandmomjeans. Not saying that the new name is superior, but it does sum me up in a few words, it’s shorter, and it’s within the bounds of the character requirements of a Twitter handle. Also, the name was available on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter, which is rare these days.

Speaking of Twitter, I lost my account because apparently the whole thing deletes after 30 days of deactivation, so if you’ll follow me over there on my new page with zero current followers, that would be super duper cool. No pressure, I’m just giving out free air fryers and pumpkin spice lattes to the first 200,000 followers.

Anyways, thank you for your attention to this very unimportant matter and I apologize that you can’t get the last 4 minutes of your life back. Facebook won’t agree to my rebranding name change unless I have proof, such as an official website announcement, so fingers crossed this will suffice. But until then, the name transition is going to be a bit confusing and I apologize in advance. Regardless, it’s the same me, but better. Or not, that will be up to you decide. Thanks for sticking around!

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