Be Free

Sometimes we have to let go…
Let go of what other people think of us,
Let go of drama, toxicity, and
people who are committed to misunderstanding us,
Let go of the what-ifs and embrace the uncertainty
with open arms.

Sometimes we need to release…
Release the hold that other people have on our minds
and clear the path for positive energy,
Release the need to explain ourselves, the need to redeem ourselves,
the need to tame ourselves
to make others comfortable.

Sometimes we have to move on…
Move on from people, places and things,
that poison our hearts, our minds and our spirits
Move on from pain, hurt, and setbacks
and open ourselves to new experiences.

Being comfortable won’t help us learn.
Being stuck won’t help us grow,
Being trapped by the limiting beliefs in our minds
won’t give us the life we want.

Sometimes fear keeps us from sharing the best parts
of ourselves, and prevents us from truly living,
Fear holds us back from the things we deserve
and the people we need,
Fear puts us in a box with a label and leaves no room
for change.

Allow yourself to let go, move forward, release the chains
that are holding you captive, and light that fire within.
Allow yourself to be free.

-Stacey M

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